Better Attendance,Brighter Futures

One of the key factors in student achievement is regular attendance. Please take time to review the policies and procedures listed below and review them with your child.  Please feel free to contact the office at 388-2558 with any questions you may have.  Thank you for all you do for your child and for our school.

ABSENCES:  Absences are to be classified as either excused or unexcused.  This is to be determined by the principal or their designee.  Excused absences shall include:

1. Personal illness;

2. Illness of immediate family member;
3. Death in the family;
4. Extreme weather conditions;
5. Religious observances; or
6. Circumstances, which in the judgement of the principal create emergencies over which the student has no control.

*Preferably notes pertaining to illness would be issued by a physician.

**Notes will only be excused if received within three (3) days of the student returning to school.  Physicians or court statements are the only notes to be accepted after three (3)days.

Once a student has reached five (5)unexcused absences they will be subject to the following discipline plan.

  • 5 Unexcused:     Letter sent to parent
  • 7 Unexcused:     Referral to School Truancy Review Board
  • 9 Unexcused:     Referral to District Truancy Review Board
  • 12 Unexcused:   Petition to Juvenile Court

Please also note that the discipline policy for Tardiness to school has changed.  It is listed below. Students arriving to school after 7:45 a.m. are considered tardy. Students cannot simply be in the building,rather, they must be in class by 7:45 a.m. Students not in class by this time will be directed to the office and will be considered tardy to school. Bus room opens at 7:05 a.m. and car riders maybe dropped off during this time as well. Please be sure to have your child at school in plenty of time for them to arrive in class on time.

TARDINESS TO SCHOOL: Infractions for tardiness clear at the end of each semester.

  • 3 Unexcused:     Administrative conferences, parent contact
  • 5 Unexcused:     Referral to the School Truancy Review Board
  • 7 Unexcused:     One Extended Learning
  • 9 Unexcused:     One In-school Alternative Setting
  • 10 Unexcused:   Referral to District Truancy Board
  • 12 Unexcused:   Suspension and referral to Disciplinary Hearing Authority

There will be no early sign-outs after 2:25 P.M.